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New Build Update

8 April 2019 (by admin)

Monday 8th April 2019


New Build Construction Procedures from Monday 15th April 2019

until further notice


Dear Parents/Guardians.


 The long awaited construction is about to begin, but it will be a time we will have to accept we will have a very restricted site, but this is the price you pay for any major building work. So please work with us and make this as easy as possible. Woodvale Construction are an outstanding firm, who have built numerous schools. They will be sensitive to our needs, keep site traffic limited during drop off and pick up times, but let’s be realistic we won’t have the big yard, we won’t have the room for cars to park close to the school. So we are asking our adults who do the drop offs and pick-ups to be sensible, park further away from the site, walk the children to school, or arrange with your child an exact pick up point.


Key changes


  • The gate from the church car park and the gate along the front of the school to access the yard will close this Friday. Access gates for pedestrians will be the back paths at the back of the school, space at P1 and P2 doors will be very limited as the yard is the main building site.


  • We won’t be lining up in the yard in the mornings, children will enter the building from 8: 50a.m which is the time staff are on supervision. So children cannot be on site before this time, unless attending breakfast club.


  • Children will still play outside at break and lunch on our Muga pitch.


  • For next two years, we won’t have sports days, due to the need for the muga for break and lunch times. Teachers will have events during school time.

Why not make more effort to walk if you live locally and help keep traffic and parking to a minimum?


Home time


  • P4-7 Children will exit through usual doors. P4-7 parents can wait at 3 main

collection points, the back path towards hub, back path up towards church and at front doors. We ask adults not to stand around yard doors due to limited standing space.


  • P1-2 can still be collected at their usual doors, but it is important adults don’t crowd around doors as space is going to be very tight.


  • P3 will go to front doors of school with teachers and adults can collect them from this location and not usual yard doors.


We ask adults to make a big effort to have children on time each day, we cannot man doors past 9 a.m. as teaching begins at this time.

It is all our responsibility to work with the restricted site, as we will see the huge benefits in June 2021 when we have our state of the art building. So work with us, it will be

 inconvenient for a few years, but it will be worth it in the long term.


General dates


The school will be a two phase build


Phase 1 Building of the new primary school

  • Begins Monday 15th April
  • Moving in date for the primary will be around the 11th September 2020 (there will be a few closures to allow staff to move into the building. Dates cannot be confirmed at this stage)


Phase 2 Demolition of current primary, building of the car parks, turning circle and new Nursery

  • Completion date for whole site 21 June 2021



Woodvale will lead an assembly in the next few weeks to talk to the children about the

 importance of being safe near a building site, they will also over time let us bring the

children onto the site for wee visits as the building progresses.

So great excitement ahead for this community!


I appreciate all your support with the new procedures          

Claire Robinson