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Pre-Start Letter 27th August

27 August 2020 (by admin)

Thursday 27th August 2020


Dear Parents,


We are really looking forward to seeing all our children back in school on Tuesday for their restart, I am sure you are also delighted to have them back in a classroom, so you can claim back your own life and finally retire from the home teacher role.

This will be your post from your child’s last year teacher, so a HUGE thanks to them for keeping seesaw going so I could send you messages and updates, I’m one lucky Principal to have such a fantastic team of staff. 

P7 have made a Return to school video, which will go onto the website and facebook tomorrow, so tune in for the Movie premier.

We are working to try and make life as easy as possible, we know some of you work or may have difficulty with the staggered drop off. For the first week can you please work with us, until we see the volume of adults and children entering the school site. Then we can look at some of your children arriving at the earlier child’s time and going straight to class to wait for their classmates to arrive. This will hinge on adults all following the drop off rules and numbers being manageable.

We cannot have everyone starting together as the external space is so restricted.

We will inform you next week of how the drop off may change for those who really can’t manage the difference times. We can’t make any promises until we see how the arrivals work.

We would strongly recommend that adults drop children to the back gate beside the Hub and don’t enter the grounds. Children from P4-7 are more than capable of walking to their entry doors and it does build their confidence and independence. They are safe on the school grounds as staff will be outside to direct them to doors. This would help greatly with us having high numbers of adults at the doors.

Arranging a place outside the gates for pick up, would also be advised. Remember you as adults are more at risk of catching this virus, so you need to also think of your safety. So avoiding close contact with other parents and adults at the school is in your own best interests.

Entry through the main front doors is not permitted at any time. We cannot stress enough the importance of children being on time for school. We cannot have children from different classes mixing on corridors, as this breaches the class bubble system.

We have worked so hard all summer to set up classes, putting so many safety measure in place to ensure our children and staff are safe, so we need parents to ensure they keep to the drop off and pick up times every day. We are all in this together.


There are yellow lines around all doors, adults must not cross these lines for any reason, these are there to keep parents and my staff safe.

Breakfast Club: we are working on how to operate this in the assembly hall safely, the plan would be that places would have to be booked a week in advance, so we could space children to sit with their own class bubble or siblings. This won’t be in operation until at the earliest 15th September. We will inform you a week in advance if we can operate this service and of how the booking will work.

After Schools: we are also looking at this for younger siblings so they can go home at same time as an older child. But it won’t operate as before, only until at the latest 3:00pm. Again this won’t be in place until October at the earliest.

Buses: school buses won’t operate this year, due to the staggered finish times.


We appreciative your support and understanding as we find our feet with these challenges, this is something we never in a million years thought could or would happen to us all and we can all see the impact it’s having on daily life. So please, please work with us and we can and will get through this bump in our road together.


Take care and keep safe


Claire Robinson