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29 June 2020 (by admin)

Monday 29th June 2020


Dear Parents,


I know you will be very anxious about the reopening plans, so I wanted to give you in advance of September a general overview as to what our proposals will be, so you can plan for childcare and arrange around your work schedule.


We have worked through the Department of Education “Restart Guidance” and I have been liaising closely with other local principals, especially those of a similar size school, to come up with a viable plan of action for bringing children back safely in September.

This is by no means an easy task, it throws up so many issues and unanswered questions, but my priority at all times is the safety and well-being of every child and every member of my staff team. Ideally we would love nothing more than to have all children back full time in September, but at present that is just not feasible.


That is not to say the plans won’t change over the summer, as you all know from following the media, Covid 19 and the Stormont Executive Plans are rapidly changing each week, so we could be in a different place come the start of the new term.

So please do keep an eye on seesaw, the website or Facebook page, I will send an alert text to tell you to check the website, if the following plan does change.


School will begin for P2-6 on Tuesday 1st September all children must wear full uniform at all times. No school bags or pencil cases will be permitted and lunches must be in a plastic bag.


Children will return to school two days per week. All classes have been split into Group A and Group B.

We cannot accommodate any child in school full time and we won’t be offering breakfast club or after school’s provision for the foreseeable future. So parents will have to arrange childcare outside the school day and for the three days their children won’t be in school.


Two Day Week 


Group A will be children who have siblings in the school. They will attend Monday and Tuesday each week.


As Monday 31st August is a Bank Holiday and has implications for the non-teaching staff, we will not be able to have Group A in that day. But for this first week they will attend Tuesday and Wednesday. Then from the week of 7th September they will attend Monday and Tuesday.


Group B will be children with no siblings in the school. A few families have been put into this group to keep the two groups balanced, these parents will be informed directly.

Group B will attend on Thursday and Friday


P7 Year Group


The week of 24th August the P7 children will be in school for a full week. But they will be split into their two Groups and teachers across the school will be timetabled to take the groups during the week. This will give their own class teacher a chance to work with the two groups to gauge how they are in terms of wellbeing and to see how we can support the children after the long school closure.

Then on the following week starting 1st September, P7 will reduce to a two-day week along with the P1-6 classes.


Due to the number of children arriving they will have staggered start and pick up and separate doors for that first week.

It is imperative children are on time for school, we cannot have latecomers as children from different classes will not be having any contact due to the “bubble system” which helps keep children and my staff safe in these smaller groups.


There will be no canteen provision during this week, all children must bring a break and packed lunch. There will also be no school buses.


Start time will be different for this first week, please be aware of times for P7 for the week of 1st September.


P7CMcD. Start time 9:00 staff will man doors for arrival

Group A. Enter through P2 doors

Group B Enter through link corridor doors

Pick up time (same doors) 2:40


P7JD start time 9:10

Group A. Enter through P2 doors

Group B Enter through link corridor doors

Pick up time (same doors) 2:50


P7NMcE start time 9:20

Group A. Enter through P2 doors

Group B Enter through link corridor doors

Pick up time (same doors) 3:00


From Tuesday 1st September


P1 children will start phasing in from Monday 8th September. During the week of 24th August, parents and the child will be invited in to meet the new teachers and at this meeting they will be informed of their own child’s starting arrangements and the routine for September onwards.


P1 and Mrs Power’s class start time 9:00

Pick up 1:30

P1AS link doors, P1KT class side door P1FMcG main corridor doors

Mrs Power’s class Main front doors


P2 start time 9:15

Pick up 1:45

P2GW Link corridor door P2AmcC P2 doors, P2LH Main front doors


P3 and P4 start time 9:30

P3 Pick up 2:00

P4 Pick up 2:15

P3CMcC main front door, P3POH yard door. P3SM link corridor door

P4JMcG fire escape door. P4EG main front door. P4PMcW link corridor doors


P5 and P6 start times 9:45

Pick up P5 2:45

Pick up P6 3:00

P5SMcC main front door, P5FT link corridor doors, P5JM corridor doors to yard

P6RD link corridor doors, P6MC main doors, P6CR corridor doors to yard


P7 Start time 9:15

P7 pick up at P2 doors staggered times

2:40 P7JD 2:50 P7CMcD and 2:50 P7NMcE


Mr Burke’s class start time 9:15 and pick up 2:45 at main front doors


We ask that only one adult drops children to school and only one adult collects the children. Children can only enter via their designated door at all times, there will be no exceptions to this rule.

It is vital that those adults entering the school grounds follow social distancing at all times. We cannot police adults externally; we are expecting adults to follow the government guidelines for social distancing.


I don’t want this to be an exhaustive list of dos and don’t at this stage, once our school’s full guidance is completed I will text you all to direct you to the website to read the document.


The school Office is now closed, so we cannot take phone calls at present. Staff will be available from the week beginning 17th August, so someone will return your call at that stage.


If you have an urgent query, send an email to info@evangelistsps.belfast.ni.sch.uk

and a member of Senior Leadership will contact you before Friday 10th July, emails after this date will be answered from Monday 17th August.


If you could keep reinforcing the hand washing, using tissues and practising the 1 metre social distancing with the children over the summer, we as a staff would greatly appreciate it. As it will help make the job easier for us from day 1.


On behalf of the staff have a lovely summer, we will look forward to seeing the children on their return for our New Kind of Normal!




Kindest regards


Claire Robinson

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