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Educational Links

Reading Support

The resources on this page are designed to help you support your child as best as you can. There are lots of excellent online resources available with interesting texts and fun games to play together.

We have collated here what we feel are the most effective resources to help you help your child progress and enjoy reading in a different format.

Foundation Stage (Ages 3-6)

The Farm Animals
My Brother The Robot
ABC Mommy & Me
My Daddy Wears a Funny Hat
Who’s at the Zoo?
Time for Potty
Up in the Sky
A range of pre school stories
Nessie’s Story
Weather Story
Driver Dan’s Story Train
Fimbles Stories
My Amazing Dad
Nobody Laughs at a Lion
The Potty Song
Blue Cow in the Playground
Blue Cow goes to the Olympics


Key Stage One (Ages 6-8)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
The Tooth Fairy
Pig Pen Ben
Rainbow Snake
The Fish Who Could Wish
Charlie and Lola Stories
The Gruffalo
Rastamouse Bling
Rastamouse and the Crucial Decision
Room on the Broom
Let’s Celebrate Stories
Bugs Bugs Bugs
Mimi’s Ballet Class
Assorted Stories
Flying Bob
Learn to Read Stories


Key Stage Two (Ages 8-11)

Online Big Books
The Adventures of Steven Seagull
Invisible Alligators
The Very Helpful Boy
The Ugly Duckling
Little Red Riding Hood
The Gingerbread Man
Sleeping Beauty
Jack and the Beanstalk
Goldilock and the Three Bears
Greek Myths
The Amazing Adventure Series
Big Toe Books
The Lucky Seed


Phonics Support

CVC Word Maker
CVC Machine
Initial Sounds
Wild West Phonics
CVC Words
Long Vowel Sounds
High Frequency Words
Read Key Words
Alphabetical Order
Alphabetical Order 2
Vowel Maker
Consonant Clusters
Professor Garfield
Professor Garfield 2
Alphablocks phonics game
Spelling Bee Games