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Welcome to the Home Learning page. On this page you will find many videos from your teachers to help you complete your work at home. Primary 1 or Primary 2 should use the "Foundation Stage" videos. Primary 3 or Primary 4 should use the "KS1" videos. Primary 5, 6 or 7 should use the "KS2" videos. See if you can spot your teacher's voice! 

Foundation Stage: P1 and P2

Foundation Stage Sounds

Foundation Stage Subtraction

Foundation Stage Adding

Educational Links

Key Stage 1: P3 and P4

KS1 Adding 10

KS1 Rounding to Nearest 10

KS1 Rounding to Nearest 100

KS1 Multiples of 10

KS1 Plurals

KS1 Multiples of 5

Key Stage 2: P5, P6 and P7


KS2 Adjectives

KS2 Pronouns

KS2 Contractions

KS2 Comprehension Tips

KS2 Speech


KS2 Complex Sentences

KS2 Proverbs

KS2 Apostrophes

KS2 L Phonics

KS2 Plural Apostrophes

KS2 Synonyms

KS2 Plural Endings

KS2 Direct Speech

KS2 Sentences

KS2 Ch Phonics

KS2 K Phonics

KS2 Colons

KS2 F Phonics


KS2 Number Sequence

KS2 Multiplying by 10

KS2 Percentage of a Number

KS2 Algebra

KS2 Factors

KS2 Multiplying by 100

KS2 Percentages

KS2 Algebra

KS2 Division

KS2 Column Subtraction

KS2 Timetables

Fractions KS2

KS2 Solving Equations

KS2 Ratio

KS2 Division

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